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​Traditional fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces: buying guide

​Appreciated and widely used for the performance they ensure in terms of heating, wood-burning fireplaces use materials from renewable sources as fuel, such as wood logs or pellets.

​This is a wise choice to save on your gas bill, but also to pollute less, an easily achievable objective especially thanks to modern wood-burning fireplaces.

In fact, the new modern wood-burning fireplaces ensure high yield and reduced smoke production.

​To these advantages is obviously added the pleasure of having a hearth at home, which evokes warmth and intimacy precisely due to the flames produced by the wood, which are very suggestive and capable of instilling a cozy and particularly welcoming atmosphere in the environment.

​How to choose between the various types of wood-burning fireplaces on the market? There are various types and to make the right choice here is a convenient and practical purchasing guide.

​Types of wood-burning fireplaces, how to choose

There are various models of wood-burning fireplaces and external wall coverings on the market. New generation indoor wood-burning fireplaces are easy to adapt to any type of furniture, they usually have clean, clear lines and neutral colours.

Among the most used materials for cladding we find cast iron and steel, but stones are also widely used, which add a very elegant and refined touch to the fireplace.

​It is often possible to combine contemporary fireplaces with a stone or wooden bench, which acts as a continuation of the fireplace, excellent for furnishing an environment with refinement.

In any case, the materials must always be chosen in line with the furnishings, as well as the colors and dimensions of the wood-burning fireplace. The first thing to do is to establish which room or point of the house to install it in, which could be the living room or living room.

The model must also be chosen based on the space available in the room: you can choose suspended, supported, built-in fireplaces, or, if the spaces are limited, even corner wood-burning fireplaces with a scenographic effect.

​This fireplace arrangement allows you to leave the walls of the room free and freely furnish the house. The main types of most common wood-burning fireplaces are open fireplace and closed fireplace.

​The open fireplace has a decidedly notable aesthetic impact and adds warmth and welcome to the environment, but it can only be fueled by wood and does not allow for homogeneous heating, because the heat is easily dispersed.

The closed fireplace, also available in the ventilated version, ensures better heat propagation. Ventilated wood-burning fireplaces allow you to channel the air and spread the heat to the other rooms of the house.

Furthermore, they can produce up to 80% efficiency, combining the characteristics of a closed fireplace with those of a ventilated fireplace.

​This type of fireplace guarantees longer combustion duration and consequently also better autonomy, reducing the cost of purchasing fuel.

Prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces, made up of monobloc elements ready to install, are very popular.

​This type of fireplaces only requires connection to the flue and, by choosing models from professional companies, they are easy to place and extremely efficient.

​Online sale of wood-burning fireplaces

​In our shop you have a large catalog of wood-burning fireplaces available to view models, features and prices. Our products are highly efficient and from brands specialized in the sector, which offer the best to customers, both in terms of materials, design and efficiency.

​The wide range of wood-burning fireplaces at unbeatable prices, which you can find in our online shop, allows you to opt for models with an excellent quality/price ratio, with the certainty of purchasing only professional products.

You also have the possibility of purchasing wood-burning fireplaces on offer, which we often offer in our online shop, and receiving wood-burning fireplaces complete with accessories for the hot air recovery system at home.

​You can choose particular models, such as the RUSTIC corner fireplace with ventilated CMP 05 bench, made with pink travertine marble worked in bricks, sandblasted with a protective treatment and gray grouted.

​The model is equipped with a base and bench in polished red Asiago marble, has a beam and drawer in solid fir wood, and is available in the versions with forced ventilation, natural convection, with opening on the right or left.

​Among the monobloc fireplaces in our shop you will also find the SPAZIO CMP 05 ventilated fireplace in light bushhammered marble, with a base in polished pink Asiago marble and a beam in cherry veneered wood. The model is also supplied with a radio control, to manually adjust the fan speed.

​Take advantage of the excellent offers and promotions and choose the wood-burning fireplace you like best, adapting not only the model but also the covering to the furnishings of your home, to make it even more beautiful and welcoming.

You will be able to create particularly evocative and refined environments, as well as benefit from better heat distribution and performance.

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