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Modern and Designer Fireplaces

Scroll down to see our selection of the best modern wood-burning fireplaces with sophisticated design.

Modern fireplaces are the evolution of the very first hearths so much so that today they are used not only for heating homes but also as true pieces of furniture thanks to their shapes and designs.

Therefore, a modern fireplace can also be defined as a designer fireplace that comes in various styles.

Indeed, in our selection of modern and designer wood-burning fireplaces, you will find:

  • Wall-mounted modern wood fireplaces

  • Room-centered modern wood fireplaces

  • Wall-hung and ceiling-hung modern wood fireplaces

  • Right-angled and left-angled modern wood fireplaces

If you want to understand which solution is best for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will listen to your requirements to offer you the best modern and designer fireplace for you!

​Modern designer fireplaces: buying guide

​Deciding to install a fireplace in your home is a wise choice. This is because the fireplace allows you not only to heat, but to set the tone for the environment. Yet, not everyone has the ability to carry out major work to create sufficient space for the creation of a traditional fireplace.

This is why modern fireplaces exist, design but also functional solutions, suitable for every type of home. There are many different fireplaces on the market, and for this reason a guide to purchasing modern fireplaces can help you choose the one best suited to you and your home.

​Modern designer fireplaces, what they are and who they are suitable for

In this particular guide we talk about modern fireplaces, solutions that can be adapted to particular styles and specific environments.

Homes that have been furnished in a modern, or even minimal, style, such as the Nordic one, will be able to easily benefit from the presence of a modern fireplace.

​These are designer fireplaces, with clean lines, but very high performance. There are both the more classic fireplaces and those called thermo-fireplaces. These are fueled differently, from gas to wood, and are really functional.

​For those who want to recreate the atmosphere of traditional homes, albeit with a modern style, there will be built-in ones, while you can also find fireplaces without flue.

​Here we will see different solutions for the modern fireplace.

​Modern designer suspended fireplaces

​One of the first solutions that can be found for a modern home, but to which to add an element of heat, is made up of modern suspended fireplaces, such as the CH 57 wall-mounted wood-burning fireplace.

These suspended fireplaces can be easily installed and can be anchored to the wall, therefore without requiring any particular masonry works at base level.

Vous pouvez les choisir pour toutes les maisons dans lesquelles vous disposez d'un mur libre auquel fixer la cheminée et le conduit de fumée, sans dénaturer l'ambiance de votre pièce.

​In addition to wall fireplaces, you can also find central suspended fireplaces. These are really very original, and can be installed directly in the center of the room, or in any case not in a position that requires a nearby wall.

They are typical of the most modern environments and can constitute a real "modern hearth".

Modern and designer corner fireplaces

Among designer fireplaces we also find modern corner fireplaces.

​These modern designer fireplaces can be installed, as their name indicates, in a corner of the room, like the CH 05 corner wood-burning fireplace. They will be excellent for all those who want to have, literally, a corner dedicated to heat, and to always heat the room with an unmistakable style.Obviously, these types of fireplaces are also heating, so they will also have practical utility.

​Modern and designer fireplaces, the type of power supply

​As we have seen, fireplaces can have different methods for their fueling.

For example, you can choose a gas fireplace for quick ignition and fireplace management that doesn't get dirty and doesn't require the use of materials for its supply.

​These will be gas stoves, and obviously it will also be necessary to build the gas system to make them work. Then we have pellet fireplaces, excellent for those looking for a rustic solution but, at the same time, simple to manage in terms of fuel.

In fact, it will be enough to get the pellets and the fireplace can be made to work without problems. This type of power supply is certainly convenient, but it can get a little messy. For those who, however, are a true lover of the fireplace itself, then you can choose a modern wood-burning fireplace.

​This, despite its design and the use of modern materials, will be completely comparable, both in terms of performance and appearance, to a classic fireplace.

​Although the wood-burning fireplace may cause more dirtiness, it must also be remembered that modern fireplaces have a glass front that prevents the dispersion of ash and sparks.

Finally, the bioethanol fireplace can bring together a whole series of advantages. Starting from economic convenience, as this type of fuel is not expensive, up to respect for the environment, an element not to be overlooked especially for a type of instrument which, virtually, could pollute much more.

​Modern and designer fireplaces prices and purchase

At this point you will now be convinced about the possibility of purchasing one of the many modern fireplaces on the market.

​However, you may still have some doubts, especially about the price. Prices vary greatly, but for modern fireplaces you won't be able to think of spending less than 2000 euros. And if you still don't know where to go to make your purchase, know that in our shop you will find a wide assortment of modern fireplaces for all your needs, from which you can choose the most suitable one. Our products are all of high quality, are carefully designed and are highly reliable.

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