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Pellet fireplace: which one to choose, how it works and how much it consumes

A fireplace is an accessory that will give new life to your home, but there are many doubts that can arise when considering the possibility of having a pellet fireplace in your home. How much does a pellet fireplace cost and how does a pellet fireplace work? Here are all the answers to the main questions regarding these accessories.

How a pellet fireplace works

The first question you can ask yourself concerns how the pellet fireplace works. Pellet fireplaces have a closed hearth, capable of maintaining the heat inside the combustion chamber, but also of slowly diffusing it into the environment.

Pellet fireplaces have a burner, a tank that contains the fuel, as well as an auger that will function as a feeder. Indeed, this will cause the fuel to fall into the combustion chamber. Furthermore, an air jet will be used to mix the fuel which will also act as a ventilation system. Finally, in order to function, the fireplace must be connected to the electrical network.

The types of pellet fireplace

In addition to their operation, it will be essential to understand what the main types of pellet fireplaces are.

Air pellet fireplaces

For this first type, the warm humidified air will spread into the room via the front grilles. The connection takes place via a ducting system installed in all rooms. This is why we talk about a ducted pellet fireplace.

Gas pellet fireplaces

In this case, however, we are dealing with multifunctional appliances, as the heat that is created will spread throughout all the rooms. The hot water that will be produced can also be used for the sanitary water system. You can also add a tank to keep the hot water that has been produced.

How to install a pellet fireplace

Installing a pellet fireplace can be a very delicate step. First of all, unless you choose a pellet fireplace without a flue, you will have to think about this first element.

The chimney must be designed and built following very specific rules. For this reason it will be necessary to make use of experts, from architects to builders, who can not only design but also create a chimney that complies with regulations. Even if you already have a chimney, it will be essential to carry out checks to evaluate the real effectiveness of the chimney.

Then, you will have to purchase an insert for pellet fireplaces, what can also be defined as a monobloc hearth. This will be used to make the new fireplace. The choice of hearth must be made taking into consideration the thermal requirements necessary to heat the house. In addition to the hearth and the flue, the base of the fireplace must also be built, which must be made of heat-refractory bricks. After all this preparation, you can actually move on to installing the pellet fireplace. How to choose a pellet fireplace?

The choice of your pellet fireplace can be dictated by various circumstances. The ducted fireplace, for example, is excellent for those who want to heat different rooms evenly, without having to need hot water. However, it will require the creation of a chimney. If, however, you don't want to do too much impactful work, then you can choose to install a gas fireplace, which often doesn't even require the construction of a chimney, and which will also heat the water healthcare. Finally, the choice will concern electricity consumption. It will be essential to evaluate this element, so as not to find yourself paying impossible electricity bills due to the installation of the fireplace.

How to clean your pellet fireplace

After installation, you may wonder how to clean the pellet fireplace. The first thing that must be done will be to vacuum the ash, an operation that must always be carried out with an ash vacuum cleaner and never with a vacuum cleaner. Then, with the appropriate pipe cleaners, you can clean the part dedicated to combustion and the part where the fuel is distributed. Finally, with the use of a simple cloth, you can also clean the glass of your pellet fireplace.

How much does a pellet fireplace consume?

And consumption? A pellet fireplace can consume more than classic wood-burning ones. A 15 kilogram bag of pellets costs between 3 and 5 euros, and can generally be enough, during the cold season, for a maximum of two to three days. This is why it will be necessary to refuel before the cold season.

How hot does a pellet fireplace get?

There is no single answer to this question. Much depends on the size of the room that will be heated and also on the thermal coefficient of your fireplace. You will therefore have to evaluate the power of the pellet fireplace based on your needs, requesting this type of calculation from whoever will sell it to you.

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