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Pellet stoves without electricity

Updated: Mar 9

Non-electric pellet stoves are having great success in France and will certainly be appreciated in Italy too. The operation is a hybrid between wood stoves and pellet stoves and integrates the peculiarities of both products.

We finally have a stove where there are no longer any electrical components that can be damaged and we therefore avoid the excessive cost of electrical spare parts to replace.

It therefore works even in the event of a blackout. The only drawback compared to traditional pellet stoves is that switching on and off cannot be programmed and the stove must be lit manually with traditional Diavolina type igniters. In all these years, however, I have noticed that most people buy the pellet stove and then do not use the programming because it is too difficult to carry out.

A notable advantage instead compared to traditional stoves is a greater contribution of heat to the environment on a par with wood stoves due to the fact that all the heat remains in the combustion chamber and is not expelled via the fume engine.

We mainly deal with 2 brands: Laminox which is a high quality Italian product with a particular design and Bronpi which is a simpler and cheaper alternative Spanish product.

stufa a pellet senza elettricità Bronpi

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