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Particular and unique stainless steel barbecue oven with cast iron door to be recessed like a wood insert.



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Wood-fired barbecue with built-in oven BH-180 HP FM

€ 1.640,00Price
  • Equipment with cast iron grate

    Removable ashtray drawer

    Primary air regulation

    Steel fittings up to 4 mm

    Black anti-heat paint: 800 ºC (without antioxidant)

    Vitroceramic glass: 750 ºC

    Upper male flue outlet: Ø 250 mm.

    Draft shut-off valve

    Fuel: firewood

    Removable baffle

    Firewood inlet: 675 x 415 mm

    Combustion chamber depth: 530 mm

    Trunk size: 70cm

    Oven inlet: 500 x 280 mm

    Oven depth: 500 mm

    Upper Circular Oven

    Stainless steel oven interior. Removable

    Oven base in refractory brick

    Sheath thermometer

    Mounting dimensions: 1267 x 770 x 499 mm. (Height width depth)

    Front dimensions: 979 x 810 mm. (Height, wide)

    Weight: 140kg

    Stainless steel baking tray 500 x 350 x 60 mm. Thickness 0.8 mm.
    Stainless steel barbecue grill Width1: 670 x Width2: 520 x Depth: 400 mm.
    Stainless Steel Oven Grill 500 x 350 mm.