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The Carinci Eco Power Max is a compact, high-efficiency boiler for heating and domestic hot water production (DHW), which can be combined with any type of heating system: with traditional radiators or with a puffer.

The boiler is made with the highest quality raw materials.

The distinctive element, beyond the robustness and reliability, are the high performance, the high efficiency and the very low polluting emissions.

Standard equipment

Programmable management control unit with 7.5-inch touch screen panel that allows simple configuration for different types of systems

Buffer probe

“ACQUAPLUS” system DHW production in high performance finned copper

Manual “fast cleaning” system for heat exchangers

Ash collection system via easily removable drawer

Oversized pellet tank 106/150 kg

Accessories for connection to the heating and plumbing system

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scheda tecnica 20

scheda tecnica 25

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ECO POWER MAX PLUS multi-fuel boiler Carinci