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Laminox boilers are reliable and robust products, they use electrical and mechanical components resulting from careful selection, they guarantee effective and economical heating, they are easy to manage thanks to the digital display or the possibility of installing a remote console anywhere inside of the house which guarantees pleasant control.

The Termoboiler line integrates all the systems in a single pellet product, summer/winter operation.

It is a pellet and pit boiler with very high efficiency technical water storage (150 litres), automatic cleaning of the turbulators, self-cleaning brazier, ash compactor, sanitary mixing valve, plate exchanger and solar coil (Optional).

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TERMOBOILER MAXI 33 Kw multi-fuel boiler Laminox

8 107,00 €Price
  • Water power 10.2-29.9 kW

    Pellet consumption 2.2-6.9 kg/h

    Heatable volume 700/900 m³

    Global power 32.9 kW

    Rated power 29.9 kW

    Efficiency 91.0%

    Tank capacity 48 kg

    Boiler capacity 150 L

    Power supply 230V ~ 50 Hz

    Max absorption 150-1070 W

    Fuel Pellets and peanuts

    3/4 M water connections

    Smoke exhaust Ø 100 mm

    Dimensions 1259x762x1403

    Weight 430 kg

    Steel cladding

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