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The electric fireplaces of the Skope Inset line are the latest innovation from Gazco.

The inset 85R is the smallest of the Skope built-in series, but like all Skope fireplaces, this smaller model also guarantees a maximum heat output of 2 kW. However, if the room is already warm and you simply want to enjoy the evening with your guests in front of the spectacular play of the flames, just a simple click on the multifunctional remote control that comes with this fireplace is enough.

Using the remote control you can also vary the brightness of the flames and choose the color of the wood lighting from below. The Skope Inset series is available in 4 sizes


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SKOPE INSET 85 R electric fireplace Gazco

  • Dimensions required for installation (w x h x d): 92 x 56 x 27 cm

    Exposed fireplace dimensions after built-in (w x h): 90 x 38 cm

    Thermal power: zero or 1 or 2 kW

    Weekly programmability: yes, via remote control

    Power & brightness adjustment: via remote control

    Thermostatic power regulation: via remote control

    Choice of flame colours: orange, blue or orange/blue mix

    Choice of covering on the base: wood logs, gray and light pebbles or ice effect

    Smoke exhaust: NO flue

    Possibility of use without heating: yes

    Installation: built-in insert