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The built-in fireplaces of the Skope Outset series stand out from others for their play of flames that seem real!

The Skope Outset 110W electric fireplace is the largest of the series with which you can see the fire from 2 or 3 sides, it can be inserted into a construction of plasterboard, wood or any other material and takes up very little space because it is only deep 27.6 cm. It is adjusted easily and conveniently with the help of a remote control.

With two heat power settings, four brightness levels and three different flame colors it is possible to create the perfect atmosphere for every environment. Simply connect your Skope Outset 110W to an electrical socket and enjoy the flame effect created by the special LED technology.

For less spacious environments, the Skope Outset 70W model is proposed


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SKOPE OUTSET 110 W electric fireplace Gazco