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ELEGANCE bioethanol stove ventilated and without flue.

In fact, bioethanol, coming from the fermentation of natural sugary substances, produces heat in combustion, releasing only carbon dioxide and water vapor and is therefore a renewable energy source.

From an increasingly advanced perspective of safeguarding the world around us, we have designed the bioethanol stove, conveying the heat produced inside a harmonious and pleasant, but above all functional, shell, which allows you to enjoy the warmth of the home hearth in peace.

An excellent complement to traditional heating, it does not require a flue and leaves no combustion residues.

Elegant shapes and modern design for this ventilated appliance with excellent performance. The supplied remote control allows you to adjust the ventilation to have heat distributed evenly throughout the room

• Ventilated with 3 speeds

• Rounded design

• High autonomy of use

• Adjustable and removable burner with fiber and flame closing cover

• Adjustable feet

• Manual pump

ELEGANCE ventilated bioethanol stove 3 Kw.