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Double-sided wood-burning stove with an integrated wood storage and turbines. It is built with steel up to 4 mm thick, featuring a dual combustion system to maximize efficiency. The stove has a cast iron male smoke outlet and screen-printed glass resistant up to 750 °C. It includes two doors and a cast iron grate, while the axial fans provide a capacity of 160 m3/h at 20 W power. A three-position switch allows selecting different modes, including a safety position. The stove is equipped with a double chamber, and the chamber interior is lined with vermiculite for better heat resistance. Accessories include a scratch-resistant paint spray resistant up to 800 °C, a vitrified black anti-condensation sleeve, and an analog potentiometer.


scheda tecnica M-172 LK:

scheda tecnica M-122 LK:




Wood-burning double-sided stove M-172 LK M-122 LK FM

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2 260,05 €Sale Price