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Thermo stove with exclusive design, clean lines, high efficiency. DUKA is offered in two powers, 16 kW and 19 kW and in two finishes, white or black. DUKA is ideal for autonomously heating medium-large homes.

In this COMFORT version it is possible to heat the room with hot air alone; from the vertical grill to the left of the glass door, the powerful fan and the exchanger allow the room to be quickly heated without activating the system. Practical and easy to use, all operating and adjustment controls are carried out via an intuitive radio control supplied as standard. The hydraulic kit is supplied as standard and is already tested. Furthermore, with the optional Wifi device you can manage the operation of the stove and adjust the temperature remotely via phone or tablet.

Duka hydro + air pellet stove Comfort Version Jolly Mec

€ 5.446,00Price