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Sheraton 5 Electric brings style, elegance and extraordinarily realistic flame images to any interior. The bevel and cast iron frame of the door, top plate and base give this stove a classic yet timeless look that suits both modern and traditional environments.

It features a wide choice of focus effects with our Chromalight® Immersive LED systems, offering a variety of display options that can be mixed and matched to create a bespoke focal point.

SHERATON 5 electric stove Gazco

€ 2.926,00Price
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 48 x 61.4 x 37.1 cm

    Thermal power: 0/1/2 kW

    Weight: 55 kg.

    Efficiency: 99%

    Smoke exhaust: NO flue

    Power & brightness adjustment: with remote control

    Possibility of use without heating: yes