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The FOGHET EVO IDRO combined wood and pellet thermo fireplaces are latest generation products that use EVO technology to meet environmental emissions limits.

FOGHET EVO IDRO is designed to heat the entire home independently or in parallel via the water system (radiators, underfloor, etc.). FOGHET EVO IDRO is suitable for any environment and is ideal for new low energy consumption homes.

The hermetic system allows the fireplace to use external air, without ever taking air from the internal environment. It is supplied complete with already assembled and tested hydraulic kit and insulation.

AUTOMATIC SWITCHING FROM WOOD TO PELLETS It is possible to automatically switch from wood to pellets, continuing to heat according to the given setting without the user being present in the home.

AUTOMATIC IGNITION OF WOOD Through a specific function it is possible to light wood with the pellet burner.

INNOVATIVE BUMPER WITH LOADING FROM THE BOTTOM Perfect combustion and total safety from any back combustion effects.

AIRSCREW SYSTEM Increases the effectiveness of the heat exchange and balances the extraction of fumes. The patented double spiral helix system (Airscrew System) allows additional heat to be recovered at the exit of the thermo fireplace.

COMBUSTION CHAMBER IN FIREFLECTOR AND REFRACTORY Made of high density Fireflector (HD) and refractory, it allows for high temperatures such as to optimize the combustion process and reduce emissions.

Removable ASH DRAWER and cast iron grate.

SAFETY VALVE Safety valve for venting excess gas pressure.

DOOR OPENING SENSORS They guarantee better operating safety of the fireplace.

FOR PASSIVE HOUSES The combustion air is taken from the outside through the direct connection with the air intake. Ideal for passive houses.




FOGHET EVO IDRO wood/pellet thermo fireplace Jolly Mec