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Guarantee of low consumption and high savings

The innovative Carinci thermocooker is always based on the principle of the innovative Carinci combustion technique.

Thanks to a system for regulating the primary air entering the combustion chamber controlled by a convenient knob, it allows the right amount of air to enter in order to obtain correct combustion based on the draft of the flue.

The innovative Carinci double-circuit thermocooker with open vessel must be directly connected to the system, as all the hydraulic components are already assembled on the thermocooker and the hydraulic system includes two circuits: the first with an open vessel with a stainless steel expansion vessel already mounted inside the thermocooker to guarantee maximum safety, the second in a closed circuit to guarantee the right pressure to the system and the correct circulation of the heat transfer fluid to the radiators.

To facilitate installation, the two circuits are already connected to each other via exchangers and a standard circulator, ready to be connected directly to the system.


CARINCI 30 W wood-fired thermocooker/OVEN Carinci

€ 8.517,00Price