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Explore the enveloping warmth and ecological efficiency with the Lorièt S DSA wood-burning thermo-stove. This elegant thermo-stove combines reliable performance with refined design, offering superior heating experience for your home.

The steel/cast iron firebox ensures uniform heat distribution, while the enameled cast iron door and head add a touch of style and durability. Equipped with a convenient removable ash drawer, the Lorièt S DSA thermo-stove offers easy and quick cleaning.

Thanks to the adjustment of primary and secondary air, you can manage combustion optimally to maximize energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. The post-combustion system further contributes to reducing the environmental impact, ensuring a more sustainable heating experience.

The heat-resistant ceramic glass allows you to enjoy the reassuring view of the flames while relaxing next to the thermo-stove. Additionally, the provision for the DSA safety device, with the optional DSA valve, provides additional peace of mind for you and your family.

With the possibility of taking air from the outside and directing it directly into the stove's registers, the Lorièt S DSA thermo-stove ensures excellent combustion and optimal comfort inside your home.


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Wood-burning thermo-stove with rings LORIET S DSA La Nordica - Extraflame