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Thermo pellet fireplaces

Hydro pellet inserts: the ideal solution for central heating

The hydro pellet inserts are a modern and efficient heating solution, which allows you to heat the entire home.

These inserts, in fact, can be installed inside a pre-existing fireplace, transforming it into a pellet thermo fireplace. In this way, it is possible to exploit the heat produced by the pellets to heat the water in the domestic heating circuit, providing hot water for the radiators, the radiant floor and the sanitary fixtures.

How hydro pellet inserts work

The hydro pellet inserts work thanks to a pellet combustion system. The pellets are burned in a combustion chamber, and the fumes are then conveyed into a heat exchanger, where they heat the water in the heating circuit.

The hot water is then distributed to the radiators, the radiant floor and the sanitary fixtures, providing heat to the entire home.


Advantages of hydro pellet inserts

Hydro pellet inserts have numerous advantages, including:

Energy efficiency: hydro pellet inserts are a very efficient heating solution, and can help reduce energy costs.
Economic savings: hydro pellet inserts are an economical heating solution, as pellets are a renewable and relatively economical fuel.
Comfort: the hydro pellet inserts offer high comfort, thanks to the possibility of regulating the temperature precisely and the possibility of programming the operation.
Design: hydro pellet inserts are available in a wide range of models and colours, to adapt to any furnishing style.

Hydro pellet inserts: the right choice for you.

If you are looking for an efficient, economical and comfortable heating solution, hydro pellet inserts are the right choice for you.

FOKUS CAMINETTI, a leading company in the sale of fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, offers a wide range of hydro pellet inserts, to satisfy every need.


In our showroom in Adria (RO), in Via Arzeron, 13, you can find a wide choice of hydro pellet inserts, including:

Hydro-ventilated pellet inserts: these inserts are ideal for heating large rooms.
Natural convection hydro pellet inserts: these inserts are ideal for heating small and medium-sized rooms.
Hydro pellet inserts with forced convection: these inserts are ideal for heating rooms evenly.

Our experts will help you choose the hydro pellet insert best suited to your needs.

Furthermore, on our e-commerce site you can choose the product you prefer and receive it at home in a few days.

Visit our website or contact us for more information.


The best hydro pellet inserts on the market


Here are some of the best hydro pellet inserts on the market:

PFP 160 GLASS hydro pellet insert: Max. heat output. 15.8 kW;
GERICO 9 Kw pellet insert: max. thermal power. 9.8 kW;
SYNTHESIS MODULAR IDRO hydro pellet insert: max. heat output. 21.2 kW;

These are just some examples of the many hydro pellet inserts available on our site. When choosing a hydro pellet insert, it is important to consider your specific needs, such as the size of the room to be heated, the heating power needed and the budget available.

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