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About Us

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Fokus was born in December 2006, after almost 20 years of Rag experience. Ballarin Nicola employed as a salesman and subsequently as Sales Director of large bathroom furniture showrooms.

The decision, after years of experience, is to start my own business and specialize in the fire sector which, in these difficult years, has been the driving sector that has given the greatest satisfaction and where Fokus has managed to create a space for itself by operating in a very technical sector, where only the collaboration of excellent professionals in the sector was able to give a future to such a young company.

Fokus wants to offer customers the best quality - price ratio, but also good advice, an adequate service, where not only the sale as an end in itself is important, but adequate and planned assistance for all the products treated.

Therefore, the Turnkey formula applies to us and you will be sure that all our products will be installed according to the "rules of the art".

Whatever you  need, don't hesitate to call and ask for information of any kind. Our work consists of information, inspections of homes and everything relating to pre- and post-sales but also just for a quote without any obligation.​


If you need any information do not hesitate to contact us​​

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