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Outdoor Barbecues

​Outdoor barbecue: buying guide

​Having a barbecue in the garden is the desire of all those who love to barbecue together with relatives and friends and spend moments of relaxation and fun. There are many models on the market, but how to choose the one best suited to your needs? Often the choice is conditioned by aesthetics rather than functionality, and is possibly not the best. Here is a guide to buying a garden barbecue.

Various types of garden barbecues

In addition to being a cooking tool, the garden barbecue is also a piece of furniture that helps to enhance the outdoor space. Unlike a balcony barbecue, the garden one can also be larger in size and therefore you can indulge in the choice. The wide range of available models and types available allows you to find the right one that best suits your needs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Let's find out what the best types of garden barbecues are:

  • Wood-fired barbecue: the wood-fired barbecue is the ideal choice for those who want traditional fire cooking in the garden. Cooking with wood is easy, functional and fast, and even the less experienced can dedicate themselves to it successfully. Also present in the transportable version, it can be taken anywhere, choosing the corner of the garden you like best, and enjoying the experience of grilling whenever you want. The wood-fired barbecue is made up of a base with wheels, a plate for placing the embers and a brazier with a grill on top. Generally the structure is made of stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures, and ideal because it has no alterations and does not expand. The grill and skewer can be included in the purchase or can be purchased separately.

  • Gas barbecue: extremely practical and functional, the gas barbecue is efficient and also easy to clean. Cooking is quick and easy and allows you to obtain succulent food to enjoy with your guests. This type of barbecue can be powered by natural gas or propane and is also available in larger sizes, to be chosen depending on the space in which it is to be placed in the garden. Easy to use, it requires a cylinder to function and a spare cylinder must also be taken into account to avoid running out of gas.

  • Electric barbecue: the electric garden barbecue is another rather popular model, which however requires electricity to function. With this type of barbecue, fumes and odors are significantly reduced and is ideal for those who have neighbors nearby who don't want to smell. Furthermore, this barbecue also has a liquid collector for food and prevents food residues from falling onto the grill and embers, causing penetrating and even annoying odors. It is also excellent for those who want to place it in a condominium garden.

Other popular barbecues are the charcoal one, in which cooking takes place on a grill 10 cm from the embers, and the pellet one, a fuel that offers good cooking quality and is also quite practical. To heat the grill, a modest quantity of pellets is enough and the heat is maintained for a long time, without the need to control the flame as operation is automatic.

Prefabricated barbecues

​The prefabricated barbecue is already complete and ready to be installed in the garden and is sold assembled. The customer will then assemble it and choose the point where to place it, and since it is all assembled it is also suitable for small gardens. Generally the color of the brick barbecue is white and if the grill is present there are also refractory bricks. The grill, of course, is included in the price.

The brick barbecue must always be cleaned correctly and you must wait until the wood or coals are completely extinguished to remove them. Furthermore, every time the grill is used it must always be washed carefully. Among the prefabricated barbecue models there are some very beautiful and particular ones, to be inserted in the garden to embellish it.

Garden barbecues for sale

​On our shop you can find a wide assortment of garden barbecues and choose from a wide range of models to satisfy every need, even the most sophisticated. Barbecue prices vary based on the model, the characteristics that distinguish it, and the materials with which it is made. Thanks to the online sale of prefabricated barbecues you can also choose from a vast selection of high quality masonry models, ready to install, extremely functional and practical, excellent for making splendid barbecues.

On our site you will always find barbecues on offer, to save without sacrificing quality. Among the garden barbecues on offer you can find gas, electric and wood-burning ones, choosing from numerous variants. View our shop and discover the range of barbecue offers and attractive promotions.

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