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Wood-Burning Stoves with Oven

Scrolling down, you can explore our selection of the best wood-burning stoves with oven, carefully chosen among products (including corner wood-burning stoves with oven) that allow you to heat spaces and cook simultaneously thanks to the integrated oven.

We understand that purchasing a wood-burning stove with an oven can be a significant expense, which is why we strive to offer energy-efficient, durable, and versatile solutions, all at competitive prices. Indeed, with wood-burning stoves with an oven, it's possible to reduce your bill and enjoy delicious dishes, thanks to the heat from the wood burning in the stove's combustion chamber.

To assist you in making the right choice, we've included detailed descriptions and technical specifications for each wood-burning stove with oven, allowing you to compare prices across different models.

And if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us to find out which wood-burning stove with oven is best for your needs.

​Wood stoves with oven: the ideal solution for heating the home and cooking

Wood stoves with oven are the ideal solution for those who want to heat the home and cook in a traditional way. These stoves, in fact, combine two functions in a single product: heating and cooking food.

​How wood stoves with ovens work

Wood stoves with ovens work by burning wood in a combustion chamber. The heat generated by combustion is then used to heat the surrounding environment and to cook food.

The oven is usually positioned in the upper part of the stove, and can be used to cook all types of foods, from first courses to second courses, up to desserts.


Advantages of wood stoves with oven

Wood stoves with oven have numerous advantages, including:

Efficient heating: Wood stoves are a very efficient heating solution, and can help reduce energy costs.
Traditional cooking: wood stoves with ovens allow you to cook food in the traditional way, with the heat of the fire.
Versatile Design: Wood stoves with oven are available in a wide range of models and styles, to match any decor.

Wood stoves with oven: the right choice for you

If you are looking for a stove that can heat your home and cook your food, wood stoves with oven are the right choice for you.

FOKUS CAMINETTI, a leading company in the sale of fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, offers a wide range of wood-burning stoves with ovens, to satisfy every need.

On our website, in the e-commerce section, you can find a wide choice of wood stoves with oven, including:

Wood stoves with convection oven: these stoves are ideal for heating large rooms.
Wood stoves with forced ventilation oven: these stoves are ideal for heating rooms evenly.
Wood-burning stoves with storage oven: these stoves are ideal for continuously heating rooms.
You can choose the wood stove with oven that best suits your needs.


Wood stoves with oven: some recommended models

Here are some models of wood stoves with ovens that we recommend:

La Nordica Rosa 4.0 wood stove with oven: this wood stove with oven is made of steel and has a classic and refined design. It is available in two versions, natural convection and forced convection.
Cadel Smart 60 wood stove with oven: this wood stove with oven is made of steel and features a modern and compact design. It is available in only one version, with natural convection.
FM Caleffacion: if you like to take care of every single detail of the house and always be fashionable when it comes to products that will make your life easier
Monza Bronpi wood-burning kitchen with oven and hob: this wood-burning kitchen with oven and temperature indicator and worktop with cast iron rings, as well as being ecological, is also a real stove as it develops 14kw of power and ensures that can be heated up to a volume of 350m3
For more information on our products, visit our website or contact us on +39 0426 21544.

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