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Mobile forced gas fireplace. Create atmosphere with a long flame view. The exhaust fume extraction pipes can reach up to 40 meters without an additional extractor... The cheapest installation ever!!l

AVAILABLE IN SINGLE-SIDED AND DOUBLE-SIDED VERSIONS. Create atmosphere with a lengthwise flame view.

Flame viewing surface mod. 80: Length. 836 mm X Height 320 mm.

Flame viewing surface mod. 130: Length. 1369 mm X Height 320 mm.

Heating system with a wireless chronothermostat with more than 90% performance.

Designed and assembled in Italy.

Quality, Comfort, and Efficiency. Italkero.

Available colors: White or Black


scheda tecnica

dimensioni Milano 80

dimensioni Milano 130

MILANO 80-130 Forced exhaust gas fireplace Italkero