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The SMART 80 BT has the same technical features as the contemporary SMART 80, but with a traditional English look. The clean and elegant lines make it suitable for any environment. The colors available are cream, red and black. The athermal lids are optional.

One of a kind, Smart 80 BT is the new pellet thermocooker from Klover. The hearth, the domestic hot water exchanger and the flue gas passage allow very high efficiency to be obtained from the heating system, the domestic hot water, the cooking plate and the oven. The satin stainless steel finishes make it perfectly suitable for classic and modern environments, enhancing your home.



Equipped with all the necessary components to be easily inserted into the existing system:

• Circulation pump

• 10 liter expansion vessel

• Safety valve calibrated at 2.5 bar

• System filling cock

• Pressure gauge

• Control unit with the possibility of controlling it with a room thermostat

• Possibility of command with external remote control


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SMART 80 BT 25.2 Kw. pellet thermoc