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Electric fireplace: which one to choose, how much it heats and how much it consumes

A choice that will help you have a beautiful fireplace, without the inconveniences of classic fuel: this is the electric fireplace, a system that is increasingly chosen by many Italian families. But how does an electric fireplace work, and how to choose it?

Here are all the answers to the most common questions regarding electric fireplaces.

How does an electric fireplace work?

The first doubt you may have regarding electric fireplaces concerns their operation. To explain everything clearly, we can point out how the electric fireplace works exactly like a normal stove.

Inside, with special safety grills, there are some resistors, generally with a maximum of 2000 W, which can be activated in order to increase the power according to needs.

Unlike a stove, however, the resistances are not visible. In this way, a fireplace effect will be obtained, which is the main reason why many choose the fireplace instead of the stove. On a general level, therefore, the electric fireplace for the home will be connected to the network and there may be some additions, such as the flame effect, and also the presence of accessories, such as pebbles and wood.

How to install an electric fireplace

Installing an electric fireplace is much simpler than you think. In fact, unlike fuel models, it will be sufficient to choose a place in which to install your electric fireplace and carry out some checks. The main control will consist of that relating to the electricity network. In fact, based on the power of the fireplace, it will be necessary to understand whether the electrical network can support its operation.

Finally, if you choose a fireplace that is not placed against the wall, you will simply need to understand how to anchor it or otherwise manage its presence within the home environment.

How to choose an electric fireplace

The choice of the electric fireplace is very important and some factors can be taken into consideration:  first of all the size and structure of the fireplace. In fact, based on the spaces you will have available, you can also vary your type of fireplace.

Thus, to save space you can choose a wall-mounted fireplace, while for those who want to have a space completely dedicated to the fireplace it will be advisable to choose a removable fireplace. In addition to these criteria, reference must be made to power and consumption. The power can vary between 700 and 2000 watts, depending on the models. These parameters indicate the amount of energy that will be consumed by the model over a given period of time. However, it is also important to evaluate the speed with which optimal heat can be achieved.

Products that have a higher power, such as those with 1500 watts, can absorb up to 1.5 KWh/h, but in the majority of them these are also models that have above all an aesthetic function, since they are not integrated with the heating system principal. Therefore, the choice will be based on many factors: from energy savings to the size of your home and the need to heat more or less.

A fundamental piece of advice is to choose models that allow the regulation of power and temperature. Models that, for example, have a timer thanks to which it is possible to set their start and switch-off time, which also allow you to evaluate the type of use day by day and which do not allow waste.

How hot does an electric fireplace get?

At this point you might be wondering how much an electric fireplace actually heats. These devices heat the house, and can also be connected to the water supply, in case you want to increase the heating effect.

Being equated to a large stove, it can certainly be underlined that electric fireplaces warm up, but, as has already been said, a lot depends on their size and the power that has been chosen.

How hot is an electric fireplace?

A room of approximately 20 square meters can be easily heated through the use of an electric fireplace, while for larger areas some form of integration may be necessary, such as ducting or the choice of another type of fireplace. They will certainly be able to replace the traditional heating system in a room.

How much does an electric fireplace consume?

Finally, you may be wondering how much energy an electric fireplace consumes. It is important to underline how the consumption depends on the power of the fireplace itself. The power of a standard model can vary between 900 and 2000 Watts. The consumption of this type of fireplace, if it has been used with average power every day, can be around 100 euros per month.

However, these figures vary greatly not only on the basis of the fireplace, but also on the use that will be made of it. In fact, by choosing medium and non-intensive use, and also having more convenient electricity contracts, it will be possible to save on the cost of energy and, consequently, on the use of your electric fireplace.

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