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Pellet barbecue: operation, pros and cons

A valid alternative to the classic charcoal barbecue. This is the pellet barbecue, a clean and simple solution for those who don't want to give up organizing outdoor summer parties. But how does the pellet barbecue work? And what are the pros and cons?

Here are all the answers to questions for barbecues of this type.

Pellet barbecue, how does it work?

The pellet barbecue is an instrument equipped with one or more tanks, which will contain the fuel, the pellets. A screw will take care of taking the quantity of fuel necessary to reach the temperature preset in the control panel, and depositing it in the brazier.

The ventilation system, then, will help to cook the food thanks to heat convention, i.e. the so-called indirect cooking. Operation, therefore, is very simple and the barbecue will simply need to be connected to the electricity supply to activate it.

Does the pellet barbecue smoke?

A big problem with barbecues is smoking. Often they cannot be installed in spaces that are not too large for this very reason. However, the pellet barbecue will not produce smoke. The pyrolysis system for pellet combustion, in fact, is very efficient and, in addition to avoiding waste, it will also be very useful for preventing smoke and the dispersion of other harmful substances into the air.

Pellet barbecue pros and cons

At this point, let's review the pros and cons of the pellet barbecue. The advantages of this type of device are many and can be summarized in the following points:

Respect for the environment

Pellets are produced through the main use of wood processing residues. For this reason, deforestation for their production will not be increased.

Ease of transporting fuel

A big problem with wood is its weight, an element which, however, does not apply to pellets at all. This fuel is easy to transport as it is very light.

Uniform and effective cooking

The pellet has a great calorific value, an element that allows not only to quickly reach the temperature for cooking, but also to maintain it for a long time. Furthermore, the diffusion of heat inside the pellet barbecue is uniform, which will allow food to be cooked gradually and without burning it.

Simplicity and speed

The control panel of these devices allows you to set cooking, temperature and many other details. To turn on the barbecue, simply press a button. Once the temperature has been reached, you can start cooking with ease!

Controlling and maintaining the temperature

Another advantage lies in controlling and maintaining the temperature. Thanks to the thermoregulator, in fact, you can adjust the temperature without problems, and it will remain constant throughout the cooking cycle.

Minimal residues

Unlike charcoal, pellets leave very minimal ash residue after combustion. This will also allow for a really deep and quick clean for the barbecue after use.

Easy transportation

Modern pellet barbecue models are easy to transport, light and easy to handle. This way you can offer to bring your barbecue to other people's homes too! In addition to the undoubted advantages we have seen, it must be underlined that the pellet barbecue can also have some negative aspects.

The electrical connection

To be able to use the barbecue it will be essential to have access to the electricity supply. Many do not have electrical connections in the garden, or in any case in the external part of their home, so this aspect will need to be considered.

Energy consumption

We will shortly analyze this aspect in more detail, but energy consumption could be one of the reasons why you should focus on other types of barbecues. Obviously, a lot depends on their power and also on the use that will be made of them.

How much does a pellet barbecue consume?

We have already mentioned this type of aspect of the use of these types of barbecues, but it will be possible to delve deeper into it here.

Consumption will concern two different sources: electricity and fuel. Electricity consumption is minimal, especially since it is an appliance that is not used continuously.

Fuel consumption will vary depending on use and type of cooking. However, on a general level, it can be said that the most powerful pellet barbecues burn on average half a kilo of pellets per hour. So, a 10 kilogram bag can help you cook about five meals.

Pellet barbecue opinions

In general, regarding these devices, opinions are positive. Many define them as “Functional and easy to use. They don't make a mess and are also economical." The best opinions are for the steel models, defined as "robust and durable, but also easy to use" within the different marketplaces for purchasing these types of devices.

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