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Wood boiler: which one to choose and how it works

The wood boiler is a more than optimal solution if you don't have the possibility of having traditional heating, and it represents an even cheaper solution than that of methane. It is obvious that, based on the situation, it is necessary to keep every aspect in mind, because when talking about a wood boiler which one to choose is not a trivial question.

The wood boiler for heating has a clearly different operation from the radiators connected via a gas boiler, as we are in two completely different worlds. How does a wood boiler work? Here is a purchasing guide that may help you in your choice.

Wood boiler: what you need to know

The operation is very simple: inside there is a heat exchanger which has the function of letting cold water flow inside the boiler, and thanks to an open expansion tank, the boiler is allowed to let out steam lowering its temperature. What are the advantages of this particular mechanism?

There are two interesting aspects that can be highlighted thanks to this particular mechanism: the first is undoubtedly that of allowing the boiler to significantly reduce wood consumption, and therefore also reduce the need for loading. This consequently allows for a significant saving of wood and therefore also of money.

How can you identify the wood boiler consumption? It is clear that a lot depends on the size of the house to be heated, the type of boiler chosen and any other factors, such as the time of year, and so on. Let's say that, on average, we can observe how much a wood boiler consumes based on the type of house:

If well insulated, 6 to 10 kg of wood may be enough for 100 m2 in winter cold.

If on average insulated, 100 m2 in winter cold requires from 15 to 20 kg of wood.

If not insulated, wood consumption for a 100m2 house in winter cold can range from 30 to 45kg.

How can you calculate the wood boiler? To make this calculation you need a series of parameters: first of all the volume of the area to be heated, the insulation of the house and the average temperature you want to reach; in this way you will obtain the power necessary to heat the room as a value.

Wood boiler opinions

After looking at how it works, and analyzing everything there is to know about it, let's see what those who use it think.

On the wood boiler, if you search the sector forums on the web, you will find a series of information, all news that comes from people who at least once have had a house heated with this system.

What we can deduce from what we read is that most of the opinions are positive, but since it is a product that is not as simple to use as it seems, many ask for advice on how to heat a certain room, how much wood is needed to use every day , how much power is needed to reach a certain temperature and so on.

There are many who argue that on balance, if used correctly, it allows you to heat a room like a methane radiator would, but weighing significantly less on your wallet. However, before using it, it is essential to learn more about this very interesting tool.

In our online store you can find a wide range of wood-fired boilers at truly advantageous prices, with all the information necessary for an informed and precise purchase.

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