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How combined wood pellet stoves work and which ones to choose

When the colder season approaches, many people are looking for information about stoves. Many people wonder, for example, how combined wood pellet stoves work and whether it is worth purchasing one for their home.

With this guide it will be possible to identify all the most important points, understand which are the best combi stoves and also how much they consume.

How do combined wood pellet stoves work?

Here is the first information that needs to be clarified regarding the functioning of these stoves. As you can already guess, these stoves work with dual fuel, wood and pellets.

Inside the wood and pellet thermo stove there is a probe that detects the temperature of the boiler water, which opens the air valve when the need to produce more heat occurs.

Furthermore, these stoves also have a cooling exchanger, which controls the temperature of the water and allows the heat to be dissipated even if the power goes out. Often, to ensure even more efficient operation, combined wood pellet stoves are combined with boilers that can use the same technology.

But how can these stoves use both wood and pellets, as these two types of fuel are different? The reason for this versatility lies in the possibility of regulating the flame. In fact, depending on your needs, and the change of means to activate the stove, it will be possible to switch from pellets to wood, and vice versa.

The advantages of combined thermo stoves

Combined wood and pellet stoves certainly have some advantages compared to more traditional stoves. First of all, they allow you to choose, depending on the period and prices, the type of fuel. You can buy pellets or wood, evaluating the relationship between the quality and the price of these.

Likewise, combi stoves can be used all year round, as they can also be used for the purpose of producing hot water. How much do combined wood pellet stoves consume? The consumption of these stoves is relative and, as we have said, also depends on the type of fuel you choose.

A bag of pellets weighing around 15 kilograms could cost around 4 euros. This bag alone will be sufficient to heat continuously for 12 hours. For this reason it will be a good idea to stock up on pellets for the cold season. Wood will heat more, but can often cost double as much and can be reserved for shorter periods.

The consumption of combined wood pellet stoves will also depend on the use of electricity and maintenance and cleaning. The cleaner and more well-maintained a stove is, the less waste and unnecessary consumption will be highlighted.

Combined wood pellet stoves opinions and advice

Finally, as regards the best combined stoves, a lot depends on your needs. For a large house, and with a need also linked to the production of hot water, you will have to choose combined stoves that have a majolica cladding, and which can cost between 3500 and 6500 euros in total.

Those with natural draft are cheaper, again with majolica cladding, which can range from a minimum of 2 thousand euros to a maximum of 3200 euros. Finally, according to users, a good compromise can be found with combined thermo-wood and hydro pellet stoves. These can reach up to 34 kW and always have a majolica cladding.

The price of these combined stoves ranges from a minimum of 2500 euros to a maximum of 4000 euros.

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