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Pyrolytic pellet stoves without flue

Pyrolytic pellet stoves without the use of a flue are used as outdoor heaters and absolutely cannot be used inside a home. I would therefore like to clarify things a little because people continually call me who would like a stove to heat their home without a flue because unfortunately they don't have one. The only indoor stoves without flue covered by the law are bioethanol stoves which is an odorless fuel that does not produce toxic residues. Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy produced through a biomass fermentation process. It can be made from very common crops such as hemp, sugar cane, potatoes, cassava and corn. The alternative to the bioethanol stove is the traditional catalytic gas stove which for the moment is still usable but I don't know for how long due to the open flame which can be dangerous for various burns and for the combustion air they consume inside the home. It is therefore recommended to use it in large, well-ventilated environments. I therefore conclude by saying that no biomass product using the pyrolysis process can be placed inside a home for the simple reason that, especially when turned on, it smokes and releases harmful substances.

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