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Thermo wood fireplace: how it works and which one to choose

The wood-burning thermo fireplace is a type of instrument that plays a fundamental role inside the house: it is in fact a real domestic heating system, but instead of being powered by methane gas, it is powered by wood (in alternative with pellets) as fuel.

When it comes to a wood-burning fireplace, which one to choose is certainly one of the questions that every individual asks, and in our article we will try to know all the fundamental aspects to take into account to make the right choice.

How to choose a wood-burning fireplace for heating? Here is a purchasing guide that will help you choose the right wood-burning fireplace.

Wood-burning fireplace: operation

Let's now get to the heart of our topic, looking in detail at how a wood-burning fireplace works.

Thermal fireplaces have the characteristic of exploiting the combustion of wood in order to generate hot air or water. The system is different obviously based on the technology used to operate the appliance.

Based on what they have as an internal system, they will provide for the simple heating of the water, or the distribution of the heat inside the house.

Specifically, we observe that the thermal power of combustion is directed to the water which, when it reaches a temperature between 40° and 80°, ends up flowing into the home's air conditioning systems.

This aspect tells us a lot about the thermo fireplace, as we understand very clearly that we are dealing with an appliance that we cannot define as a direct source of heat, but is an additional tool that powers existing heating appliances, such as radiators, systems placed under the floor, or even boilers aimed at producing hot water inside the bathroom.

How much a wood-burning fireplace consumes is one of the questions often asked by people, as being wood-fuelled, it is necessary to have a clear idea of how much wood you need to have in your home to guarantee at least a whole day of heat.

Specifying that what we will observe now is an average figure, therefore not the same for everyone, we can say that to heat a 90-100 m2 house by powering the heating appliances with a wood-burning fireplace, between 8 and 10 kg of wood will be needed.

The average value can change based on various factors, i.e. the type of house that needs to be heated. What does this mean? If you live in a house that has a high level of insulation, the amount of wood needed to fuel the overall heating system will be less.

In a house with an average level of insulation, the value is the one seen previously, while with insufficient insulation, the quantity of wood needed will be greater than the average one mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Wood-burning thermo fireplace: what you need to know

Having a clear point of view and knowing what the advantages may be in purchasing are two elements that will be necessary in order to make a purchase with a certain degree of security. For this reason we will see in detail two important aspects to observe when deciding to purchase a wood-burning thermo fireplace:

Wood-burning fireplace opinions: analyzing the various opinions that we read in the various sector forums, we can observe that in the majority of cases there is positive news on the functioning of these devices, and it is also clear that what you choose is very important.

To be more precise, it is advisable to focus on more modern and innovative models, as over time research has increasingly perfected the operating system of thermo fireplaces, making them increasingly better and eliminating any problems and defects that the prototypes of the past presented.

Wood-burning fireplace tax deduction: the tax deduction consists of a 50% discount on the IRPEF of the expenses incurred for installing the thermo fireplace in your home. It is good to keep in mind that to obtain this specific bonus it will be necessary that the expenses incurred for the wood-burning fireplace are part of a broader building renovation project, or, within a project linked to energy saving.

Another thing to consider in this case is that the overall expenses of the project in question must not exceed the amount of 96,000 euros. Finally, if the building works take place in residential properties used promiscuously for the exercise of a commercial, artistic or professional activity, the value of the deduction is reduced by 50%.

At this point you have all the information necessary to purchase these essential appliances for your home, and in our online store you will be able to find a wide range of wood-burning fireplaces at truly advantageous prices, with all the information necessary for an informed purchase and precise of the right model.

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