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CS biomass boiler

CS Marina is a boiler for heating and hot water production. It uses chopped solid fuels from renewable energy sources such as pellets, pomace, almond shells, pistachio shells, hazelnut shells and pine nut shells.


The CS Marina boiler has been designed to achieve optimal levels of biomass combustion. It can be fueled by wood, pellets, peanuts, corn and pomace. Ideal for heating large rooms given the high calorific value. It is suitable for both civil and industrial environments (workshops, warehouses, warehouses). Its marked versatility and numerous customization possibilities allow it to be installed in any type of environment. The CS Marina boiler produces low-cost energy using natural fuels. It ensures savings of approximately 50% compared to classic fuels. The boiler complies with the European Regulation EN 303-5 and belongs to class 3 for emissions and efficiency. These stand at 89% and have been certified by the TUV laboratories. The material used for its production is fully certified and subjected to strict controls and tests throughout the production process. In this way, the boiler manages to reach extremely high quality standards.



CS Marina biomass boiler Pasqualicchio