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The Carinci pyrolytic boiler was created with cutting-edge systems and technologies, exploiting the reverse flame principle, so defined because the burner in which combustion takes place is placed below the compartment in which the fuel is loaded. Therefore, instead of spreading upwards, the flame is sucked downwards.

REVERSE FLAME SYSTEM The wood is placed in the upper compartment and is continuously pre-dried using an aspirator, thus releasing the natural gas present in it.

The latter is then sucked into the pyrolytic burner made of ceramic, located in the lower part of the hopper where the wood is positioned. In the presence of very high temperatures, the gases ignite, generating complete combustion.

This system guarantees maximum use of the fuel, with consequent heating autonomy for several hours and the user can therefore go out in complete freedom and safety, without having to look after and feed it often.

The Carinci pyrolytic boiler therefore, in addition to guaranteeing exceptional performance, is also simple and practical to use.


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