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The ORION 13 front pellet fireplace with its 13 kW of thermal power and 80 centimeters of width stands out for its excellent ratio between efficiency and dimensions, becoming a heating system suitable for new installations with large rooms and for diffusing heat also in other rooms. The minimal design of the fireplace, defined by a silk-screened black ceramic glass that surrounds the flame, underlines and enhances its remarkable performance. The possibility of programming switching on and off throughout the day makes it an intelligent heating system, avoiding an unnecessary waste of resources. The double cast iron brazier produces an enveloping and majestic flame, exactly like the one that comes from wood, but with the convenience of pellets. ORION 13 is an indispensable thermo fireplace for those who want to enjoy the warmth of their home without neglecting energy efficiency.


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ORION 13 ventilated ductable pellet fireplace 13 kw. L'artistico